The following Terms & Conditions are applied to all Customers traveling with Apulia Shuttle.

1. Condizioni di Prenotazione

It is possible to book 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year via our website, calling our number +39.392 9900179 or sending an e-mail to
Reservations will be accepted up to 24 hours prior to the service, following will be subject to availability.
Rates for reserved services can be paid in cash or via POS terminals installed on our vehicles.
We do accept the most used Credit/Debit Card (Visa, Master Card, Maestro).
Our Rate included Tax, Fuel, Parking and any Road Tolls if required.
Our Rate do not include Tickets to visit Museums, Monuments, Attractions, Official Guide, Ferries and anything not mentioned above.
An advance deposit is required for the booked service.

2. Booking On Line

Due to technical reasons, no online requests will be accepted 24 hours prior to departure.
To get your booking confirmed, normally we do required a deposit via Paypal or Bank Transfer.
All "Booking Requests", once Apulia Shuttle will be able to provide the required service and after the deposit will have made successfully, will be considered formally accepted only after you will receive a Voucher or Confirmation of Reservation to the e-mail address provided to us.
Booking Confirmation or Voucher is the travel ticket. This must be printed and needs to be shown to the driver before any transfer. The "Reservation Request", however, has no validity as a travel ticket.
It is on Customer's responsibility to check that all printed data on the Travel Voucher actually correspond to those chosen by him at the time of booking. Any abnormalities should be communicated by email to at least 24 hours prior to the service being provided.
It is on customer responsibility to provide a correct mobile phone number, including the international code, for any circumstance, as the departure time could change due to bad weather, intense traffic or due to any reasons that could undermine its regular execution.
When you book our services, it is on Customer's responsibility to take consideration of the time required by airlines and / or navigation companies for embarkation/disembarkation practices, possible unforeseen events during your trip that may delay arrival at the airport, possible flight delays and the time needed for luggage picking and customs clearance.
In case of any change in timetable that causes the Passenger to lose the transfer and the Customer and / or Passenger had not previously contacted Apulia Shuttle, nothing will be refunded to the Customer and / or to the Passenger.
Customers legal rights cannot in no case be denied or decreased.
These General Conditions are subject to the Italian law.

3. Luggages

Customers must limit themselves to carry a number of baggage not exceeding that indicated by the booking system. A reasonable amount of hand baggage, at the discretion of the driver and only if possible, can be loaded into the passenger compartment.
Please note: voluminous baggage such as golf bags, bikes, snowboards, strollers, prams, skis and bulky packages, can not be loaded on all vehicles and in all conditions. Therefore it is necessary to communicate their presence to Apulia Shuttle in advance, at the time of booking. If available for transport, Apulia Shuttle may request a surcharge. In case of non-communication, Apulia Shuttle could refuse to carry out the agreed transport and the service will have to be paid as well for the entire amount.
Are not allowed Baggage containing flammable liquids, liquids in general.
Baggage is transported under the sole responsibility of the Customer who will not be entitled to any reimbursement for any loss or damage to the baggage. Since there is no insurance policy covering partial or total breakage of objects contained in the luggage, Apulia Shuttle advises not to carry valuables or to take out an individual insurance policy.
The luggage and / or personal belongings left behind in the vehicle that carried out the transport service will be sent to the address communicated by the Customer at his own expense.

4. Delays and Waiting Times

Apulia Shuttle is not required to verify any delays of flights, ships or trains or other means of transport used by the Customer. It is on Customer's responsibility to promptly notify any delays by directly calling the driver's telephone number present on the Travel Voucher or Booking Confirmation.
In the event that the Customer has booked a private transfer and there is a delay in the flight, or ship, or train, or other means of transport used by the Customer, the driver will wait for free up to 60 minutes from the scheduled arrival.
After this period, up to a maximum of two hours and subject to communication by the Customer and acceptance of the same, a surcharge of € 20.00 will be applied for each hour or fraction of an hour delay, to be paid directly to the driver before carrying out the transfer.
If the Customer does not communicate the delay of more than 60 minutes or if he does not accept this additional price for the waiting, the driver will leave and the Customer will have lost the transfer and will not be entitled to any refund.
Apulia Shuttle, while is always making every effort to ensure that the vehicle reaches the scheduled destinations in good time, specifies and confirms that it can not be held responsible in any way and therefore must not be held responsible for any consequences suffered by the Customer, for delays caused by events or events occurring due to force majeure not directly dependent on the will of the driver and / or Apulia Shuttle such as an example:
  • unplanned delays due to traffic.
  • accidents that cause blocks of traffic or damage to the vehicle.
  • adverse weather conditions.
  • vehicle retained by the police or local authoritiesi.
  • accidental mechanical problems of the vehicle, etc.

5. Transport Condition

Smoking is not permitted in vehicles.
Moreover it is not allowed to introduce alcoholic drinks or drugs into vehicles with the intention of consuming them..
Apulia Shuttle may refuse to carry anyone who may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs and / or whose behavior is considered threatening to the driver himself, the vehicle or other passengers
The transport of children by car is regulated by specific regulations and requires the use of particular accessory devices. Please inform at the time of booking the number and age of the children
The Customer is responsible for any damage deliberately caused inside the vehicle.

6. Modifications, Cancellations and Refunds

Any modification of the reservation can be made only by email at and will be confirmed, always by email, as soon as possible and no later than 24 hours.
The cancellation of the reservation can be made only by email at and will be confirmed, always by email, as soon as possible and no later than 24 hours.
The cancellation of the reservation can always be made up to two days (48 hours) before the date of the agreed service. In this case no penalty will be applied and Apulia Shuttle will refund the entire deposit of the booked service.
If the cancellation is made within two days (48 hours) prior to the transfer, nothing will be refunded to the Customer. In case of no show-No Show, Apulia Shuttle will also retain the deposit without any refund.
Apulia Shuttle reserves the right to cancel any reservation at any time, if it is not able to guarantee the correct execution of the service, reimbursing entirely and exclusively the cost of the booked service.

7. Rates

Rates include taxes, fuel, parking and any road tolls.
For services that start at the airport / port / train station, one hour of free waiting is included in the rate compared to the official arrival time. The waiting time after the first hour and up to a maximum of two hours, unless otherwise agreed, will be charged on an hourly basis as indicated in point 4). Fractions of time of any duration are considered a full hour.
Rates do not include tickets for visiting museums, monuments, official guides, ferries and anything not mentioned in the booking conditions.
Please Note: for services carried out on public/bank holidays or at night (09.00pm - 06.00am) we might apply a 15% extra charge.